Snowboarding or Surfing

There’s nothing like snowboarding. One can say, perhaps, that surfing is similar. One sport takes place in the winter. The other sport takes place in the summer (usually). The snowboarding uses gravity as their method of travel. The surfer uses the force of the wave and theirs. Sure, they are similar, but we can see how they are very different. And then there’s the speed aspect.

Surfers made get a quick burst of speed. Actually, they might catch a monster wave. They’ll go fast! But the surfer won’t be able to ride the wave for long. It will crash, and the surfer will have to wait for the next wave. The snowboarder has a much more reliable solution. All they need to do it go up! They will either walk or use a lift to the top of a hill or mountain. Once on top, it just takes a little push and they’re off. The snowboarder can continue to gain speed until deciding to slow down. The surfer usually cannot control very well how fast they grow when they are riding a wave. Snowboarding seems like a better control sport.

Depending on what time of the year it is, one may not have a choice. If it’s summer, the person will probably surf. If it’s winter, the person will probably snowboard. It’s not that they get to choose one of the other. It’s just what’s available at the time! If a person has some money to spend in the summer, and they really want to snowboard, they can simply fly to wherever it’s winter in the world. Likewise, the surfer can do the same thing in the winter.

No sport is necessarily better than the other. It all comes down to personal preference. I prefer snowboarding. Yes, I’ve tried surfing. However, since then, I’ve never gone back!